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Beco Watch Winder – Protect Your Investment

Keep your watch ready to use with the Beco Watch Winder

So you found the watch that perfectly matches your tastes! Congratulations on your investment! Now you need to find the best way to keep your investment in tip top condition for the longest time, especially if you are not going to use your watch every day. This is where the Beco watch winder comes in.

Why do I need to keep my watch wound?

Watches with automatic movements are often powered by kinetic energy that you provide when you move your wrist about. This is how your watch is powered. Your ordinary day-to-day activities provide enough of this energy to keep your watch well wound and accurate. Watches from earlier eras had to be manually wound and would lose their precision whenever they were at rest, even for periods as short as 24 hours.

Beco Watch Winder – Always set to go!

If you have a great watch, especially one with elaborate complications such like moon phase or perpetual calendar, manually winding it to perfect precision may be a tall order. If you have one of these complex timepieces that you only wear occasionally, chances are that the movement stalls during extended periods of disuse, and you may have to wind your watch before wearing it. The Beco watch winder keeps your watch perfectly accurate buy consistently keeping it in constant motion, therefore winding it for you.

Beco Watch Winder are Stack-able up to 16 Watches

The best part about this Beco watch winders is that if you happen to have a collection of watches that you would like to keep wound, all you would have to do is stack them up! You could create a system of up to twelve watch winders each individually programmable, and all of them using only one adapter to stay powered up! Now that’s convenience.

The Beco watch winder consists of:

  • Stack-able ground plate for 2 or 4 units in one line, stack up to 16 watches with one power source
  • A compartment where you store your watch. This comes with a clear protective dome to keep your watch safe from any mechanical damage.
  • 3 mode rotary motor with left, right and alternating left-right motion.
  • Programmable turns per day, allowing you to customize how many turns you would like your watch winder to turn. This ranges from 650 to 3600 turns per day.
  • Belt system mechanism powered by a silent motor.

Beco Watch Winder are available in different fancy colors

A little bit of detail…

Your watch movement is powered by a mainspring which works by storing energy as tension. This energy is released gradually to the rest of the complications in your watch, making everything else run. Over time, this energy needs to be replenished (by restoring tension to this mainspring), and that is why a new component would be needed to perform this function. This component is called a rotor.

The rotor is weighted and turns on a pivot, with its constant movement restoring tension to the mainspring, maintaining sufficient energy within the watch movement to keep it running as accurately as the makers intended. As you go about your day with your watch moving about on your wrist, the rotor continues to move on its fulcrum, keeping energy supply to the mainspring at a constant.

The watch on your dresser.

When you have a watch that has been unused for some time, its rotor does not have sufficient kinetic energy to pass on to the mainspring. Consequently, insufficient energy is passed on to the mainspring and your watch movement performs below expectations. Your watch loses minutes, rendering it inaccurate. More so if you have a watch that’s laden with a number of complications such as day-date functionality or moon phase.  This is definitely not what you want from your $8,000 watch now is it?

Storing your watch in a Beco watch winder provides the perfect solution for you.